Year 1 Measuring and Amazing Half Term Homework!

Year 1 have started work on learning how to measure different objects. Our early learning has focussed on using non-standard units of measurement. The children have used counting cubes as the main source of measurement.

This has been a practical piece of learning. The Year 1 class members were asked to look around the classroom for objects that were either pentagons or squares.

The next stage was to make a sensible estimate. This was logged in our maths book. The actual length was then measured. Some careful counting was needed with some long objects such as the classroom tables!

Our final task was to compare our estimate with the actual measurement. Year 1 were asked to comment on if they made a sensible prediction or if it was too high or low.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and we are looking forward to our trip to the London Transport Museum. The children have been reading The Naughty Bus book. Our visit will be an opportunity to see how London buses have changed over the years.

Finally we would like to share some of the half term homework. The challenge was set to design a bus for the future. Some fantastic models were shared in class after the half term break. These included the amazing flying bus!

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