Reception Prepare for Penguin Theatre Trip

The Reception children are very excited about their trip to The Unicorn Theatre to see a production of Huddle. This is a play that tells the story about a penguin and his Dad.

The children have been preparing for the trip by making their own penguin collages. Some careful cutting and sticking took place to create a mosaic design.

We have also used penguins to help us with our maths learning. Two icebergs were shown with penguins sitting on them. The Reception children were asked to count how many were on each iceberg. We then then matched this information with the correct number statement.

Elsewhere in the Reception and the children have taken part in weekly forest skills sessions. We have a wonderful wildlife area in our outdoor play space. A recent activity involved making some feeders for the birds.

Finally the Reception children have made some masks for Children in Need. These were decorated with some spots – the theme for the 2018 event.

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