Reception Theatre Trip and Penguin Research

The Reception children had a wonderful trip to the Unicorn Theatre to see a production of Huddle. This is a magical story that is based around the relationship between a father and a baby penguin.

We prepared for our trip by finding out as much as we could about penguins. The children watched some documentaries and looked at non-fiction books. Class teachers Aisha and Emily asked the children to remember some penguin facts.

Some penguin role play has also taken place. The children were asked to think about how penguins move. We have been listening to the sounds that penguins make to communicate and have copied these.

We have also read The Penguin book by Polly Dunbar. The children have sequenced the story. Our geography learning has looked at where penguins can be found. Finally we have been holding ice cubes to experience the cold temperatures that penguins like to live in.

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