Year 2 Where The Wild Things Are Work

Year 2 have had great fun reading the wonderful Where the Wild Things Are. This is a magical book that allows the children to develop their own sense of imagination.

We started off our work by trying to predict what might happen in the story. The children were encouraged to use phrases such as ‘I think…‘ and ‘I wonder if…

Plenty of class discussions have taken place as we progress through the book. This has led to some role play. Year 2 have acted out some of their favourite scenes from the story.

The children have also made some creative study boxes. These are colourful boxes with ideas and characters from Where the Wild Things Are placed inside.

Somer artwork has also taken place. The pupils were asked to think about their own Wild Thing monster. Each class member created a new Wild Thing using some body parts from other animals. We labelled these to describe each character in detail.

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