Y5 Maths, Ancient Greeks and Winter Concert Rehearsals

Year 5 are learning about decimals, fractions and percentages as part of our maths learning. The pupils have been identifying where to place different numbers and formats along the number line.

We found that one useful strategy was to convert a decimal into a fraction, and then convert the fraction into a percentage.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and the pupils are continuing with their research on Ancient Greek civilisation. Both classes enjoyed a recent trip to the British Museum to study some Ancient Greek artefacts.

We are currently learning about the Greek trireme boats. These were rowing boats with three rows of oars, manned with one man per oar.

The pupils have researched how the triremes were built and why they were good in battle. Year 5 have also studied the history of the Olympics dating back to the Ancient Greeks.

Finally we are in full rehearsal mode for the Key Stage Two Winter Concert. Year 5 are looking forward to performing the Christmas Calypso Carol.

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