Year 6 Students Take Part in Economist Panel Session

We are incredibly proud of the Year 6 students that represented Michael Faraday at a panel discussion organised by The Economist. This was part of the Burnet News Club that the pupils take part in each week with club Leader Leanne.

The aim of the club is to help young people to develop critical thinking skills about current affairs. They are also able to produce different news media output including print, video and audio.

The success of the Faraday News Club led to the invite for The Economist Dinner and Discussion. This was held at the Adelphi Building just along The Strand.

The students were joined by industry professionals including the CEO of the Burnett News Club, Google’s Chief Marketing Officer and the Chair of BT.

Many topics were up for discussion. The Faraday students were asked to debate why don’t young people follow the news, how do we define news, and what is more important – knowledge of a story or the skills to discuss the story?

Our Year 6 students received strong praise for their debating skills. They were taking part with Year 7 and Year 8 students from secondary schools.

The Burnet News Club agenda is something that all Year 6 students are able to take part in during the week. The pupils have been working with class teacher Pat to help them develop an interest and understanding of current affairs. Our critical thinking skills have discussed topics including war and poverty.

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