Year 5 Greek Day and Maths Reasoning Challenge

Year 5 recently took part in a Greek Day. This was a celebration of our Greek learning that has taken place throughout the autumn term.

The children were encouraged to dress in Greek clothes. In the workshop we welcomed Lauren to our school. She told us about the Battle of Marathon, Greek Myths and Legends and Greek weapons.

The pupils were able to act out some of the classic Greek myths. Lauren allowed Year 5 to handle some original Ancient Greek weapons that have been recovered.

We then held our own Greek Olympics in the playground and practised marching as Greek soldiers would have done.

Elsewhere in Year 5 and our maths work has involved ordering positive and minus numbers. The pupils have performed well in completing the Year 5 Fridge Challenge.

The aim was to order different fridges based on temperature. This involved a combination of positive and minus temperatures. Each class member was asked to explain their reasoning.

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