Nursery Welcome New Friends for the Spring Term

The Nursery children have welcomed some new friends into our class for the start of the spring term. The older children have been given the responsibility to make the new starters feel welcome.

Our first class reading book for the new term is also about being made to feel welcome. We are reading Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. This tells the story of how some older owls can act as role models.

Our spring term maths work in the Nursery has involved the children using circles to help with their learning. We have seen how the owls in the story have large circular eyes. The children have been drawing and counting circles.

We are hopeful of taking part in some bird watching later in the term. The children will use the school binoculars to see what we can find in our playground.

Finally we are looking forward to the opening of our fantastic new slide in out outdoor play space. This is being built alongside a couple of impressive new storage sheds.

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