Year 3 Symmetrical Gymnastics

Year 3 have returned after the Christmas break to continue with some gymnastics learning as part of our PE lessons. A gentle warm up started a recent lesson. Class teacher Polly explained that gymnastics involves a lot of stretching of our bodies. It is important to warm up so that we don’t strain any muscles.

The children were then given the responsibility to help set up the apparatus in the school gym. Benches and softs mats were needed for the exercise to follow.

The first task was to work with a partner on some mirror gymnastics. Whatever move our partner pulled then we had to copy it to create a reflection.

The next task saw Year 3 creating some symmetrical gymnastics. We have been learning in class what this might mean. The children defined this as having the same shape on both sides of our body.

The session finished with the pupils working in groups of four to create some symmetrical gymnastics. Some very elaborates shapes and stretches were on show.

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