Year 4 Weekly Ukulele Lessons

The Year 4 pupils have returned after the winter break to continue with their weekly ukulele lessons. Our expert ukulele teacher Joe has been helping the class members to remember some of the chords that were taught last term.

Our first lesson back involved a reminder of the C chord, F sus, and the G7 chord. Joe helped each pupil to remember where our fingers need to go on the fret board. Year 4 were also given help to use the correct fingers to form each chord shape.

Some gentle chord changes then took place. The pupils are starting to feel comfortable in playing a sequence of chords. The next step will be to use these skills to help play a song.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and we have had a spring term consolidation of our times tables knowledge. A particular focus has been on the six times table. The class members need this knowledge as they prepare for their next stage of learning at Michael Faraday School.

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