Year 1 Make D&T Moving Pictures

The Year 1 children are using their fairytales topic to help with some Design & Technology work. We are working towards designing and building a moving picture. This can be achieved using mechanisms such as leavers, sliders and wheels.

The children are using the story of Three Billy Goat Gruff for this project. This was one of the books that we read together for our fairytales topic.

The Design & Technology part of the project involves the children planning how they would like their moving picture to work. The first task was to think about who the story is for and which characters and settings are needed.

Some early designs were sketched out. The children were asked to think about which part of the story might move. We then had to consider how this could be achieved using the three moving mechanisms.

Year 1 will present their moving picture stories to the Nursery and Reception children as part of Book Week. We are looking forward to showing the younger children how we can move the characters in our story.

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