Year 3 Stone Age Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed an all day workshop to help with our current history topic learning about the Stone Age. We welcomed into our school Portals from the Past. The workshop was a mixture of theory, practical and fun!

One of the challenges was to understand why neanderthal man died out. The pupils learnt that neanderthal man needed twice the nutrition of humans. The children used balls as a representation for food. We looked at how many balls neanderthal man needed to survive compared to humans.

Year 3 were able to handle some Stone Age artefacts. A selection of tools were passed around for the children explore.

The favourite part of the workshop was trying to hunt the Wooly Mammoth in our playground! One of the visitors took on the role of the Mammoth. The pupils were shown how they had to work together as a team to surround and capture the Mammoth.

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