Year 4 Thoughtful Philosophy for Children

Year 4 are continuing with their weekly Philosophy for Children sessions. Each Friday morning the class members gather together in a large circle to discuss different ideas about how we feel about the world.

A recent topic involved what we understand by the idea of beauty. A concept line is formed. At the top of this line is the heading Most Beautiful; a sign for Least Beautiful is placed at the opposite end.

Class teacher Badgie introduced some photos and images. These included pictures of a young baby, an old man, a flash car, modern art and tattoos.

The class members are asked to raise their thumbs if they would like to make a comment. The idea is that they select one of the images and place it somewhere along the sliding concept line.

A short conversation follows. Badgie helps each pupil with their reasoning with a series of questions to establish their thinking. Some very confident and well-thought out ideas were heard.

The pupils were able to hold a great discussion about ethnicity, age and representation. Where possible they were asked to respond drawing upon their own life experiences.

Class member Grace commented at the end:

“Everyone has beauty and is unique.”

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