Year 5 Shackleton Inspired Artwork

Year 5 are captivated reading Shackleton’s Journey. This is a re-telling of Ernest Shackleton’s landmark expedition crossing the Antarctic from one pole to the other.

We have been introduced to the many characters and the different skills that they added to the adventure. Our English learning has transferred to our art lessons with some unique designs based on the book.

A class lucky dip took place to select the characters. Each class member drew one of the characters out of a hat. This then formed the centrepiece of our artwork.

The characters were placed in the middle of a circle diagram. Different layers followed out of the circle. The pupils were asked to draw in some of the skills or personalities of their characters.

Water colours were used to paint our pictures. The pupils were asked to think about the selection of brushes and colours when painting in some of the detail.

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