Year 1 Safer Internet Week Workshop

Year 1 took part in an online workshop as part of Safer Internet Week. We were introduced to the characters of Zap and Zoom. They helped to guide the children around some of the ways that we can stay safe online.

We later watched some short videos featuring Zap and Zoom in class. The children were asked to remember some of the ways we can stay safe to help Zap and Zoom.

One example was a pop up that appeared whilst playing a computer game. Some of the class members remembered that we need to block any pop ups rather than click through. We made a BLOCK sign with our arms to help with this learning.

Another example was a new player appearing online and asking to join in the game. It was explained in our workshop that we shouldn’t play with people online if we don’t know who they are.

The session finished with some acting. Class members were given a card describing an action that we might do online. This was acted out. Our friends had to guess what the activity was.

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