Year 3 Improve Teamwork Skills in PE Lessons

Year 3 have used their PE sessions to help improve group teamwork. The pupils took part in different activities and games that required them to work together.

Our gentle warm up for a recent session saw the Year 3 pupils jogging around the gym. Class teacher Kate called out different descriptive groups such as wearing a white T-shirt, having long hair or brown eyes. The children worked as a team to sort themselves into the correct group.

We then set up a couple of old bridges in the gym using some of the benches. It was explained that only one person could cross the bridge at a time, and they had to walk and not run.

Two teams were set up. The first challenge was to see which team could cross the bridge first without running. Each team player waited their turn before crossing.

Kate then asked the children to sort themselves in order alphabetically by their first names. A similar task took place with the month of our birthdays, and then the actual day of our birthdays.

It soon became clear that teamwork was needed to succeed. Both teams shared some of the skills they used to sort each activity. We looked at a strategy for improving our teamwork. Everyone agreed that the whole team needs to work together.

Elsewhere in Year 3 and both classes recently enjoyed a trip to the nearby Horniman Museum. The pupils took part in a fossils workshop to tie in with our current science topic.

This was a hands on session with the class members given the opportunity to handle some original fossils. The children enjoyed observing plant and tree fossils, as well as animal fossils.

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