Year 4 Just So Stories Inspired by Ruyard Kipling

Ruyard Kipling’s Just So Stories has inspired the Year 4 pupils to come up with their own animal stories and creations. We have seen how Kipling explains how different animals are given their looks and personalities. The challenge was set for Year 4 to think of similar ideas.

This learning involved the pupils structuring their work. The starting point was an introduction that set the characters and the scene. The next consideration was the problem: which part of the personality of the animals needed to change?

The pupils then described how this took place. Our stories concluded by explaining what our chosen animal looked like after the change had taken place.

Ideas were read and shared within class. We heard tales such as how the camel was given a hump because he was lazy. The hump now helps him to work harder as he transports people around.

Elsewhere in Year 4 and the children had a brilliant time at our recent trip to the British Library. This was part of our history topic learning about the Anglo-Saxons.

It was a rare chance to see up close the famous Domesday Book. We were also able to look at the only remaining original print of the Beowulf text.

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