Year 5 Tell Chinese New Year Story in School Assembly

Sophie’s Year 5 class celebrated the Chinese New Year by staging an assembly. We welcomed our Key Stage 2 friends to the assembly by playing some traditional Chinese music themed around the New Year.

Our assembly then told the story of how the twelve animals of the Zodiac are associated with the Chinese New Year. Some confident acting took place with pupils taking on the role of each character.

We had a few absentees on the morning of the assembly. Some brave class members stepped in at short notice. They were able to recite the lines perfectly. Confident narration was provided by three other pupils.

The story came alive with the strong acting, costumes and face masks. Sophie’s class has worked hard on preparing their assembly and the props throughout the week.

We finished our assembly with a short quiz about the Chinese New Year story. Sophie’s class wished everyone a Happy New Year in Mandarin.

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