High Praise for Burnet News Club Students

Our Burnet News Club students received high praise for a recent submission addressing the issue of the rise of violent crime. One of the poems written by a Michael Faraday student had the high honour of being published in The Economist Burnet News Club magazine.

The Burnet News Club is part of a wider movement where pupils from other schools can follow a similar programme, and then present and share their ideas online. Year 6 teacher Leanne leads the Year 5 and Year 6 Michael Faraday students.

Thoughts from each session are submitted online via the Burnet News Club website. Other participating schools are also able to read these, as well as offers some feedback.

Our school has received a personal letter from the industry professionals involved in the scheme. The feedback is fantastic and worthy of sharing:

It is my pleasure to congratulate Michael Faraday School on their work in the Burnet news Club during Issue three of this year, ‘The rise of violent crime’. It was a challenging topic for the Burnet News Club to tackle and we were very impressed by the well-reasoned recommendations your students gave to help reduce the problem, as well as the expressive poems they produced to such a high quality.

I hope you enjoy reading one particular poem from a student in your club, published in our Hub Highlights magazine. There were over 50 schools contributing online so for this poem to be featured is a real success.

We always enjoy the fantastic contributions from Michael Faraday and look forward to receiving more of these this year. Please pass on our congratulations to your Burnet News Club and Leanne!

The Team at the Economist Educational Foundation

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