Reception and Year 1 World Book Day Author Workshop

The Reception and Nursery children enjoyed a fantastic dinosaur themed workshop ahead of World Book Day. We welcomed into our school author Tamara Macfarlene and the very funny assistant Gilbert Giggles.

Gilbert introduced himself as an expert on dinosaurs. He produced some large dinosaur bones and explained to the children about dinosaur fossils. Some great knowledge and questions came from the children.

A large T-Rex then appeared with Tamara. The children were asked to think of some of the sounds that a T-Rex might have made. This led to a lively T-Rex poem being written and performed by the children.

Next up was was a dinosaur fact file. Tamara asked the children to describe different dinosaurs. We had some superb answers such as:

“The T-Rex is as big as a bus.”

Gilbert read Tamara’s wonderful Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaur story. Some of the children helped out by taking on the roles of the characters and acting out the scenes.

The workshop closed with the children being asked to think of a question they could ask about dinosaurs.

Suggestions included:

“How long are the tails on dinosaurs?

How old are dinosaurs?

How long did dinosaurs live for?

How much can a dinosaur eat?

How big was the footprints of a T-Rex?”

Book prizes were handed out to the children asking the best questions.

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