Years 2 and 3 World Book Day Author Workshop

All pupils from Years 2 and 3 recently enjoyed a workshop celebration that was set up ahead of World Book Day. We invited author Tamara Macfarlene into our school, along with her enthusiastic assistant Master Disaster.

Tamara is the author of the Amazing Esme book series. The idea was to create some excitement ahead of World Book Day and inspire the pupils with their costumes and own story writing.

We started off by exploring the character of Esme using costumes and plenty of pupil participation. We found that Esme likes animals, she is a bit scatty and she has grown up in a circus. Costumes props were worn by some of the children to represent this.

Tamara then explained how she often starts her stories by thinking about the characters. The pupils were asked for some new describing words we could use for Esme.

It was explained that the setting is another important feature. Master Disaster started to tell his own story. Sadly it was a little boring.

We used his setting of his house, and then brainstormed some other setting ideas to make this become more interesting. Added features included a dragon, alien neighbours and a monster size pig!

Master Disaster was then able to use this features in his setting and tell a short story that captured the attention of the pupils.

The final part of the workshop was how to create a plot in our stories. Tamara told the pupils that problems had to be thrown at Esme. The story becomes alive when she is able to face these problems and come up with a solution.

The workshop finished with the suggestion that Esme and the character of Donk would make for great World Book Day dressing up characters!

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