Years 4, 5 and 6 World Book Day Author Workshop

Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed a storytelling telling workshop with the author Tamara Macfarlene and the entertainer Simon ahead of World Book Day. The focus for the session was Tamara’s The Comic Shop Mysteries series of stories.

We started our learning with Simon helping the pupils to define what is meant by a mystery. Suggestions from the pupils included robberies, missing persons or even a murder mystery.

Simon then showed the pupils a pop up comic shop. He wanted to pass around a rare first edition comic but it was missing. We now had our own comic shop mystery to solve.

Volunteers were asked to come to the front of the pop up shop. They took on the role of a detective. Various clues were left at the scene. These included a wig, a taxi receipt, a hair clip and a pair of rubber gloves.

One of the students was able to sequence this evidence to put together a plausible timeline of what might have happened. A couple of brave staff members were interviewed by the pupils to see if they might be suspects.

Tamara then spoke about the key to writing a good mystery is to think about the plot. This needs to be planned so that you know what is going to happen at each stage of the story. A Q&A session closed the workshop.

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