Nursery Theatre Trip, Weather Topic and Animal Visit!

The Nursery children recently had a wonderful trip to the Unicorn Theatre to see a production of It’s Hot, It’s Not. As the title suggests, this is a fun play all about the changing weather.

The performance involved plenty of slapstick humour. It was a very visual production with yoga also taking place on the stage.

Our trip has led to the children thinking about the changing spring weather. This has been the perfect time to learn about the topic with the past few weeks experiencing sunshine, wind and rain!

The children are reading the Singing in the Rain book and learning to sing the famous song. We are also enjoying Shark in the Park on a Windy Day, and The Wind Blew.

Growing is another topic that the Nursery children will be focussing on for the next few months. Each class member has planted a sunflower seed. We looked after these in class with daily watering. The children then took the small plants home to continue to care for them.

Finally we would like to thank Paul the Animal Man for his recent visit to the Nursery. The children were able to see giant millipede and stick insects, a bearded Chinese dragon and even a python snake! Some of the braver children were confident enough to stroke the python.

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