Reception Pirates and Sharks!

The Pirate theme in Reception is continuing to be plenty of fun! Both classes recently enjoyed a trip to the Golden Hinde ship that is held in dry dock by the Thames.

We were given a tour of the Tudor ship by a very friendly pirate. The children were able to learn about what life was like sailing and living on an old ship. We found out that sailors led a hard life.

Our pirate theme was also carried over to World Book Day. It was great to see so many original pirate costumes.

The children read Captain Beastlie’s Pirate Party. Many activities based on the book took place during World Book Day. We took part on a treasure hunt around our outdoor space, as well as holding a pirate party with some special food.

Our next topic in Reception will continue with a similar theme. The children will be learning all about sharks. We will read the book Surprising Sharks. This is a piece of non-fiction with many facts to learn.

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