Science Week 2019 at Michael Faraday School

Science Week 2019 at Michael Faraday School saw many different activities taking place throughout the school. The overall theme was journeys. Investigations and homework was organised to help develop this idea.

All pupils were encouraged to explore the daily specimen workstation that was set up. Each day a different resource was made available to explore. Examples included PH test strips, cactus plants and a snake skeleton! Pupils were encouraged to answer questions and place their answers on a post-it note.

All Year groups were set their own investigations and challenges. These used scientific vocabulary such as fastest, longest, strongest, tallest and furthest.

A writing challenge competition took place throughout Science Week. This used the explorers theme to look at different regions such as Lunar, the Arctic and Oceanic.

Each year group took part in a workshop to help stimulate the science interest for the pupils. Nursery and Reception enjoyed a visit from Paul the Animal Man. Year 1 and Year 2 were treated to a brilliant air workshop from Professor Bubbleworks.

The Year 4 pupils created pop tubs, whilst Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a forensic science workshop. Supervised dissection and microscope activities were also available.

All year groups enjoyed a performance at the end of the week from Quantum Theatre called Journey to the Bottom of the Garden.

Homework was also set to help generate an interest in science topics. Each year group was asked to create a poster or a fact file on a given subject. The themes included London Underground, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Channel Tunnel.

It was great to see the Michael Faraday staff also enter into the spirit of Science Week. Each teacher added to a school display documenting a scientific act that they had taken part in during the past week. Examples included taking a cat to have an injection, bird watching at a nature reserve and sliding down a slide!

Science Week at Michael Faraday came to a close with a school assembly to celebrate our learning. Pupils gave a short talk about what they had learnt over the past week. Prizes were handed out for Super Scientists, the writing challenge and the homework project.

We would like to thank our Science Coordinator Joanna for organising such an informative and fun Science Week for 2019.

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