Year 1 Science Week Magic Ping Pong Balls and Rockets!

Both Year 1 classes enjoyed a fantastic Science Week workshop with a visit from Professor Bubbleworks. The main theme for the session was air. We started by thinking about where we can find air – both inside and outside. The Professor then explained to the children about oxygen.

The challenge was set to try and blow down a tower of plastic cups. Class members were unable to achieve this on their own. The task was completed with the help of a bucket that could suck in and blow out some air.

Some of the children volunteered to demonstrate the magic floating ping pong balls. Professor Bubbleworks explained how this isn’t actually magic. Instead it is a combination of gravity and the air power from a hair dryer.

Experiments with a floating balloon and a smoke machine followed. The children were able to see air being blown around through the use of the smoke machine.

The next stage of the workshop saw the introduction of some mini-rockets. Fizzy tablets were dissolved in small pots with a lid placed on top. It didn’t take long for a controlled explosion to take place with the lids popping!

The children then helped to launch some rockets in the playground. They pressed down on an air pump to send the rockets high in the sky. Professor Bubbleworks demonstrated his water rocket which was great fun!

We finished our Science Week workshop with a leaf-blower unravelling some toilet roll. Our experiments were written up on a fact sheet. The children were asked to list some of the apparatus, methods and results.

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