Y2 Science Week Workshop with Professor Bubbleworks

Both Year 2 classes enjoyed a Science Week workshop with Professor Bubbleworks. Different experiments and demonstrations took place to investigate air.

The first task was to compare the volume of air in our lungs with the air pressure that a special bucket produced. Class members were unable to blow down a pyramid of plastic cups. The air bucket managed to achieve this.

The pupils were able to conclude that the bucket can hold a greater level of oxygen when compared to our lungs.

Professor Bubbleworks then asked for a couple of volunteers to help with the magic floating ping pong balls. Two hairdryers were used to achieve this.

The magic was taken out of the experiment with the science explained instead. One of the Year 2 pupils was able to observe:

“Air pushed the balls up from the hairdryer. Gravity then pushes the balls down. These two forces help the balls to float.”

A balloon was also used to show how the air from a hairdryer can work together with gravity.

Professor Bubbleworks then fired up his smoke machine. This helped the children to be able to see the air move around them. Class members moved their hands to help to push the air around.

The highlight of the workshop was the indoor and outdoor rockets. Fizzy tablets were mixed with water in a small tub to create a reaction. The pressure built up leading to the tops being fired off the tubs.

Year 2 headed outside for the finale of the workshop. Some of the children used an air pump to help propel a small rocket. Professor Bubbleworks ended the workshop by demonstrating his water rocket. It was explained that when air is pumped into the plastic bottle, it creates enough pressure to launch the rocket.

Our workshop came to a close with some observations and explanations from the pupils.

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