Year 3 Improve Football Skills

Year 3 are working on improving their football skills as part of our spring term PE lessons. We started a recent session with a warm up. A small number of pupils had a bib. They passed these on to a friend as they moved around the gym. The aim of the game was not to be in possession of a bib when the whistle was blown.

The session then focussed on football passing skills. The class members paired up with a partner. They passed a soft ball back and forth ten times, taking care to control the ball when it reached them.

Class teacher Kate gave some expert advice. The pupils were told to make eye contact with the ball, as well as the partner they were passing the ball to.

Dribbling skills were then introduced. Once ten passes had been completed, the partner with the ball was asked to dribble around the gym to find a new player to work alongside.

The next exercise involved an interceptor. Groups of six players passed a ball between them. An interceptor was introduced. Their aim was to intercept the ball as many times as they could.

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