Year 4 Science Week Exploding Pop Tub Experiment

Year 4 took part in a practical workshop to help celebrate Science Week. The aim was to see if a change in temperature would speed up the controlled mini-explosions using water and alka seltzer tablets.

A tablet was placed in a pop tub containing water of a defined temperature. A safety plastic cup was placed over the top. Teams of scientists timed how long it would take for the alka seltzer to react with the water and pop the lid off.

This method was repeated using four different set temperatures. We measured each temperature three times so that we could take an average time. This would help to improve the results.

The pupils were able to conclude that a warmer temperature speeds up the time it takes for the alka seltzer to react with the water. This was a great experiment to help build teamwork and for the class members to follow the safety instructions.

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