Year 5 Science Week Challenges

Year 5 have had plenty of fun as part of Science Week. One of challenges involved building a tall tower using newspaper. The tower had to be able to support an egg without it breaking.

This was a brilliant teamwork exercise for the pupils. Class teachers Joanna and Sophie were able to observe different approaches.

Some of the pupils added three legs at the base of their structure. Another group focussed on adding extra bulk and strength to the base.

One very clever group of designers built a ledge near the bottom of their tower to store the egg. The rules didn’t state that the egg had to be at the top of the tower where the structure is weak!

Some incredibly tall and strong towers were built. One of these was even taller than the pupils! We reflected after the building stage on the science that helps to build a strong structure.

Another Science Week activity in Year 5 has involved an investigation into a robbery heist. The class members were able to work with finding finger and footprints. We also looked at the use of DNA in helping to solve a crime.

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