Year 6 Science Week Catapult Challenge

The Year 6 students have enjoyed a highly practical Science Week. Our key challenge for the week was to design and build a catapult.

The pupils were asked to choose their own resources and design. This was an exercise in experimentation. If some resources didn’t work well during the build stage then these were exchanged for something more effective.

It was interesting to see different designs emerging. Some class members worked on a 3D triangular frame. This helped to make their model sturdy. Other students preferred a more traditional sling shot catapult approach. It was great to see designs also being built at home.

The highlight of Science Week was a friendly competition to see whose catapult could propel a tin foil ball the furthest. The challenge was set up in the school roof garden. This was a very inclusive event with plenty of support from our friends.

Three catapults emerged as being the most powerful. Ideas were exchanged about the science involved for making them successful. The winners were presented with some chocolate.

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