Listen to the Year 2 Dragon Catcher Stories

Year 2 are continuing to enjoy the Dragon Catcher story. The children are now experts on dragons and their special powers.

We have used this knowledge to write our own dragon stories. Class teachers Zoe and Sally have helped the children to understand how all good stories need a start, a middle and an ending.

The main focus for this work was to create a structure to our writing. The pupils planned out the plot for their stories before they started their creative writing.

This was also a great opportunity to use some colourful adjectives. There are some great describing words that we can use for dragons. The class members were given a word bank of suitable words to help with their ideas.

Each story was then typed up using the school laptops. The final task was to design a front page cover to show some of the ideas in our stories. You can listen to a selection of the stories being read out in the recording below.

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