Nursery Spring Weather and Growth

The Nursery children are learning about the changing spring weather. We have looked at the changes each day and described what we can see. The wonderful cherry blossom tree in our outdoor play space has helped with this task. It is now in full bloom.

The children have also been looking at measurements. Class teachers Catherine and Deanna are helping them to understand the concept of length, and how objects can be longer than others. We have been measuring the height of our friends.

Other maths learning has focussed on counting up to twenty. The children have counted different objects. This helps then to understand the values of numbers, rather than repeating numbers.

Music has been introduced to this task. The Nursery children have counted the number of sounds that a friend has made on an instrument.

Finally the transition from spring to summer will see the children look at how things grow as we head into the new term. Seeds will be planted and looked after.

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