Year 5 Thames Flood Barrier Video

Year 5 have carried out some detailed research on the Thames Flood Barrier. The aim was for the pupils to investigate the history behind the barrier and why it is needed in London.

Our learning started by watching a short video. The pupils then researched online some of the facts that were mentioned in the video.

We looked at the population of London and how it could be at risk from flooding without the barrier. The class members have highlighted some of the important London buildings and landmarks that run along the river Thames.

Each pupil has produced their own factual leaflet on the Thames Flood Barrier. Class teachers Sophie and Joanna stated that the only requirements were to have headings, text and some images.

Many different and unique leaflets were then produced. This was also a good opportunity for the pupils to use their software skills by working in Word and setting out the design of their leaflets.

You can watch one of the Year 5 students talking about his Thames Flood Barrier leaflet in the video below.

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