Year 3 Start Training for Michael Faraday Sports Day!

Summer term PE lessons in Year 3 are preparing the pupils for Sports Day that will take place in July. The class members have started their training with some short sprints.

Partners took it in turns to run between two cones whilst being timed for ten seconds. Class teacher Kate added in a few challenges to the exercise. These included star jumps being completed at the end of each sprint, plus also touching the cone.

The pupils were asked which of the challenges was the toughest. We found touching the cones slowed us down as we had to bend down at the end of each turn.

The sprinting came to a close with suggestions on how we might improve our technique as we approach Sports Day. Ideas included bending down as we approached each cone and using our arms to gain some motion.

The pupils finished their PE lesson by playing the Year 3 favourite pirate game.

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