Year 4 Electric Buggy Building Workshop

Badgie’s Year 4 class started the new summer term with a fantastic science workshop staged by friend of the school Paul Newman. The aim was to design and build some motorised buggies.

The workshop started by thinking about the science of electrical circuits. The pupils were able to identify that a circuit needs a power source for the electricity to flow around.

Paul then spoke about how our buggies could be propelled forwards. Our circuit would power a small propellor at the front of the buggies.

The building of the buggies involved plenty of technical skills. The pupils followed the instructions to put together the chassis and wheel, and then the main body of the buggy. Our electrical circuits were then added.

The class members were able to follow the instructions when using resources such as the glue gun. A large part of this workshop was about working safely in small teams.

One final task now remains for the Year 4 buggy builders. The pupils will customise their designs with items such as bumpers and colours. We will then hold a grand Year 4 buggy race to see who has built the fastest vehicle.

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