Year 6 Southwark Playhouse Playwright Performances

The Year 6 Southwark Playhouse Playwright Project has reached the performance stage. The pupils started work last term working on writing some scripts alongside our friends from the Playhouse.

The only rule was that each play had to be two minutes long. The class members were given a free choice about the plot, the setting and the characters.

The scripts were edited and then passed on to a company of professional actors over the Easter break. The final part of the project is for the Year 6 pupils to watch their scripts being acted out by professional actors on stage at the Playhouse.

These are being performed in short bursts over the coming weeks. We have already enjoyed a Year 6 script set in McDonalds, plus a strange twist where Prime Minister Theresa May has to dress as Drake to be accepted.

You can listen to a couple of the pupils describe more about the Playwright project in the recording below.

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