Burnet News Club Considers a World Without Borders

The Burnet News Club continue to produce some thoughtful work and ideas at Michael Faraday School. Each week the Club Leader Leanne guides the students through the online curriculum. The aim of the Burnet News Club is for the students to think critically about current. They submit online various forms of media reports.

A recent session posed the question:

The world would be a better place without borders.

The students were asked to be sceptical about this statement and to think of reasons why this might be untrue.

Some of the leading points included:

Would this be fair?

Who would have a better life? Who would have a worse life?

How would the economy change?

Club Leader Leanne set up a thought line spanning opposite ends of the classroom. One end of the line had the statement Strongly Agree, with the other end reading Strongly Disagree.

A series of questions were then posed. Pupils worked with a partner to talk through some of the issues. Each student was asked to take up a position on the thought line that fitted in with their opinion.

Pupils were asked to explain their reasoning. Where possible they were encouraged to give relevant examples from the current news agenda. Leanne was looking for evidence of convincing arguments to see if any opinions could be changed.

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