Year 1 Write Claude in the City Stories

The Year 1 pupils have produced some fantastic stories based on Claude in the City. This is our current class reading book which is about a dog and the adventures he has in the city.

We have changed the setting for our own stories. The children were asked to decide where they would like Claude to be for his next adventure. Some great settings have been chosen including the ocean, Disneyland and a Royal palace!

Class teachers Kelly and Emma asked the children about what might now happen to Claude the dog in his new surroundings. Some interesting plots have been thought of.

These short stories were written up in fold out books created by the children. Illustrations were added to help tell the story.

Elsewhere in Year 1 and both classes have grown some impressive runner beans. The children have looked after their own plants each day with plenty of watering. We have placed them close to a window so they can receive sunlight.

Each day the children have looked for any signs of growth. We have also observed the roots growing in the bottom of the cups.

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