Year 3 ICT Computer Coding

The Year 3 pupils are learning the early basics of computer coding during our ICT lessons. We are working with some software that allows users to input a sequence of commands that then move snails around the screen!

Five snails are available to be given directions. The commands available to the pupils include forwards, backwards and the speed which a snail can move. Year 3 have had great fun programming a snail race with a pre-determined winner.

The coding software also allowed for a random movement to be added. When this was built into our programme we saw how the computer takes control with a random move for a nominated snail.

Another factor to consider was a bug in the code. The software challenges the user by dropping in a bug to upset the code. Year 3 have used their skills to debug the sequence of commands and find the error.

Year 3 will continue with our ICT coding, leading to the pupils designing and writing their own computer game.

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