Year 4 Write Summaries of the Iron Man Story

Year 4 have started to read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This is a fascinating story that already has plenty of intrigue for the pupils.

We have read the first two chapters together as a class. The plot has thrown up many questions that the class members are keen to find the answers for.

One of the writing tasks completed was to write a short summary of each chapter. Year 4 have been understanding how a good summary is able to take the main parts of the story and then condense these.

Class member Jonathan said:

“I find it interesting to see what might happen next. This is a mystery story. I am not sure if the Iron Man is a good or bad character. I predict that he may come back in the second half of the story to punish the farmers.”

Year 4 have held a class discussion to share their early thoughts on the book. Class teacher Kul asked many questions to help the pupils sequence the plot information that we currently know.

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