Year 5 Ancient Benin African Artwork

Year 5 are exploring the ancient civilisation of Benin as part of our history learning. We have looked at how the country that we now know as Nigeria was once the home to a series of ancient tribes. We have looked at the relationships between each tribe from their point of view.

This topic has transferred to our art work. Our Ancient Benin research has shown how the different tribes featured African animals in their own artwork.

The pupils were asked to choose an animal that comes from the Ancient Benin area. We used watercolours to recreate some of these images. Particular attention was paid to adding an African sunset. Crayon was added to repel the watercolour around the design of the animals.

Elsewhere in Year 5 there is plenty of anticipation ahead of the hopeful hatching of our chicks. The students have been monitoring the eggs we received from Surrey Docks Farm for the past two weeks. We are expecting the chicks to hatch sometime next week.

Finally Year 5 are looking forward to a trip to the Horniman Museum ahead of the half term break. We will be able to see at first hand some of the Ancient Benin artefacts that we have been learning about.

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