Learning with the Michael Faraday Forest School

The Michael Faraday Forest School has been established to help Reception children gain an interest in nature. Each week a small group of learners are given the opportunity to explore and learn in our mini-forest garden. All Reception children take part throughout the year.

The aim is for the children to enjoy learning in a sustainable natural space. Not all pupils have access to a garden at home. Forest School allows the children to observe changes in nature with each session.

Forest School Leader Emily plans different activities and resources each week. Finding mini-beasts is always a popular activity. The children learn about where different mini-beasts like to live. We always make sure that the mini-beasts are returned safely where we found them.

Other activities have included digging for worms, mud painting and designing sculptures using the natural resources. Follow up learning often takes place back in the classroom. The children are always keen to research more about what we have found in our nature space.

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