Year 3 Weekly Recorder Lessons

Both Year 3 classes have made brilliant progress learning the descant recorder. This is the first year that the pupils have been playing the recorders. Each week we meet under the expert tuition of our recorder teacher Danny.

Our sessions usually start with a group welcome session signed out using makaton. Danny is keen for the class members to learn many new makaton signs. We also use these skills later in the session when we are singing.

A few warm up games follow. The idea is to involve all pupils as they take it in turns to demonstrate some actions for their friends to follow.

The pupils have been practising throughout the year on improving their recorder skills. Danny has introduced different notes as the confidence levels have risen. Most of the pupils are now able to play the notes A, B, C and G.

A set of songs have been taught to bring these notes together. Current Year 3 favourites include On Top of Old Smokey and On the Railroad. Both need an understanding of staccato and legato playing styles.

We are hopeful that the Year 3 recorder players will be able to demonstrate their skills in an end of term concert.

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