Year 5 Care for Newly Hatched Chicks

The Year 5 pupils have been showing the newly hatched chicks to our friends from around the school. We took delivery of six eggs from Surrey Docks Farm three weeks ago. Sadly the eggs didn’t hatch as there was possibly a problem with the incubator.

The team at Surrey Docks came to the rescue by delivering six chicks that had recently hatched on the farm! Year 5 will spend the final week ahead of the half term break caring for the chicks.

The pupils have daily responsibilities to make sure that the right amount of food and plenty of water is available. There is also the task of cleaning up the constant mess that is made by the chicks!

Each chick has been given a name. These were chosen after polling all the pupils. The full roll call reads: Liquorice, Sandy, Fuzzy Christina (?!) Buttercup, Bel Caramel and Midnight Matilda.

The pupils are observing how the chicks behave together. We have noticed that there is plenty of chirping! Class teacher Joanna explained that this is to help the chicks communicate with one another so that they can feel safe.

Some very gentle hands on sessions have taken place. The pupils soon found that the chicks like the warm area when our hands are clasped very lightly. We have researched different breed of chickens.

We will be saying goodbye to the chicks ahead of the half term break. They will return to Surrey Docks Farm where they can grow stronger and enjoy their life in a safe environment.

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