Y6 News Club, Discussion Texts and End of Year Play!

The Year 6 students celebrated the end of SATS week by starting some new learning topics! The pupils involved in the Burnet News Club have been busy learning how to record podcasts. Each week the News Club members meet to discuss and create content based around a current affairs agenda item.

Recent sessions have focussed on the idea of migration and borders. One of the learning aims for this work was to be able to use sentence starters in our work. An example of this is:

“If people could live anywhere they wanted then…”

The sentence was then picked up by another Burnet News Club student to complete. The pupils have worked in small groups to help produce their ideas.

Different media are explored throughout the News Club sessions. Having mastered video production the students are now perfecting their podcasting skills.

The ideas generated from our group discussions have been recorded as a short podcast. The finished recordings are then uploaded to the Burnet News Club site. Professional feedback follows from people working within the industry.

Elsewhere in Year 6 and our English learning has looked at discussion texts. This is similar to the Burnet News Club work as it involves constructing arguments for and against.

The topic of compulsory school uniform was put forward as the subject under discussion. The students were asked to structure their arguments. This meant including an introduction, an opinion and then a summary and a conclusion.

Finally Year 6 are looking forward to the annual School Journey to Bournemouth that will take place after the half term break. Once we return then it will be an intense session towards the end of term putting on the Year 6 play!

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