Year 2 Science Experiment and Predictions

Both Year 2 classes have set up their own science experiments based around plant growth. The main learning aim was to be able to make a sensible prediction based on our existing science knowledge.

The pupils have learnt how plants all need the starting point of a seed or a bulb. We know that the soil they are planted in provides nutrients for growth. The pupils have also learnt that light and water are needed for plant growth.

It was now time to put this to the test. The Year 2 children set up a controlled and fair experiment involving four different growing conditions. Using the variables of light and water, we potted some sunflower seeds and placed them in four different environments:

Water and sun,

Water and no sun,

Sun and no water and

No sun and no water.

Predictions for each setting were then logged in our science books. We will be observing and logging the growth over the next five weeks. The pupils will then be able to see if their predictions were accurate.

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