Year 3 Spanish and Drama Sessions

Year 3 are continuing to extend their Spanish vocabulary after the half term break. Regular lessons take place with the pupils introduced to new words, as well as a recap of our existing knowledge.

A recent session started with class teacher Elspeth showing a series of photos on the whiteboard involving characters saying similar phrases. Each person used the Spanish word Soy in their sentence:

Soy un futbolista.

Soy un actor.

Soy un gato.

One of the class members was able to identify that the Spanish word soy is used to describe ‘I am.‘ Elspeth added that it used only when something is permanent.

Some of the pupils were able to share their language backgrounds and make comparisons with the Spanish language. A Portuguese speaker in the class found many similarities.

We then watched a short story on the whiteboard. This involved a baby elephant that was looking for his mother. All the dialect was in Spanish.

The pupils acted out the short scene in small groups. Animal masks were provided to make the story realistic. Each group performed their scene in front of the rest of the class.

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