Year 4 Start Vikings Topic with Diary Entries

Year 4 have started a new class topic learning about the Vikings. This follows on from our earlier Anglo-Saxon learning. The pupils have made the connection between the two groups on the timeline. We are now looking at their relationship with one another.

Our first piece of work has involved the setting of a Viking attack on an Anglo-Saxon settlement. The pupils have written a diary entry from the point of view of an Anglo-Saxon.

We have used our Anglo-Saxon knowledge to take on the role of a character with a particular trade. We have hear tales from cooks, weavers, hunters, chiefs and blackfriars.

Each story starts with the Anglo-Saxon witnessing a Viking invasion. The pupils were then asked to work independently. Plenty of speech was added to our stories to make them sound realistic.

Some of the finished stories were then shared amongst class friends. Role play also took place to help the pupils understand the motivations of the characters. You can listen to a short selection being read out in the recording below.

Other Year 4 Viking work has involved the pupils describing the different parts of a long ship used during an invasion. This work focussed on the use of subordinate clauses. These help to add some extra detail to our work.

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