Year 5 first Rehearsals for Southwark Splash!

Year 5 have started their first rehearsals for Southwark Splash. This is an annual celebration of music, acting and dance in the borough. Pupils throughout the borough will be performing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 16th July.

The theme for this year is the sailing of the Mayflower ship from nearby Rotherhithe to the United States. 2020 is the 400th anniversary of the famous voyage.

Southwark Splash will start to tell the historic story this year, with the conclusion coming in 2020. The title for our 2019 production is: Mayflower – the Journey Begins.

Each week the Year 5 pupils will receive expert tuition from professional singers, actors and musicians. Our first session involved thinking about the story of the Mayflower sailing.

We heard how the Pilgrims left Rotherhithe and Holland in search of a better life in the States. This is a theme that is familiar to the pupils. We have recently read The Arrival, a book about refugees.

Our first session also focussed on raising confidence levels. Plenty of singing and drama games took place. The pupils were also introduced to their first sea shanty!

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